Synchong Hoe Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (SCHE) was incorporated in 1982 as a modest start-up with only 4 staff, in the original fabrication yard located at Butterworth, Penang.  
SCHE’s roots date back to the 1982 when first mechanical couplings were made. Our package of SCHE steel pipe and mechanical coupling & flange adaptor was very successful and installed on many pipeline projects worldwide.  
SCHE has grown from strength to strength and has become a well diversified company. Since 2010, in every year, SCHE has involved in different sectors and have been developing new areas expanding its portfolio.  
2011 - Penang Second Bridge Project, 1st major involvement in bridge construction project
2012 - KTM Double Track Project, 1st involvement in railway construction project
2013 - 3200mm OD x 30,000mm Height Silo Tanks x 6 units, highest constructed storage tank
2014 - 1st 'U' Stamp certified pressure vessel was exported to Georgia, USA
2015 - LRT project, biggest contract in SCHE history
2016 - Multi-million investment in manufacturing capacity